Here is one that just launched and it is going to Be Big.

It won't be for everyone because it does involve games of skill.
But all we ask is that you consider it with an open mind.

It will be big, Really Big.

Watch the Movie below

  • Get the Full Scoop
  • Understand just How Big this industry really is.
  • It will work seamlessly WITHOUT your input.
  • You don't even promote, just let it happen.

Welcome to the Evolution of Gaming.

Watch This Movie.

Let's analyze it from a Logical Standpoint.
Also, nearly ALL of these points apply to appSAVE® as well.

  • No Selling Involved. Nobody needs to try and convince anyone of anything because folks are already doing online games of skill and this system is the Evolution of Gaming.
    Just look around, everyone is on their Smart Phone and at any given time, 30% are on a Game.
  • Absolutely MASSIVE Appeal. The numbers on the video above are real and happening now.
    Folks are already gaming, we are merely showing them a better way.
  • A good percentage of your members are already doing some sort of gaming. Doesn't it make sense to capitalize on that fact, seamlessly? Those that do currently play online games will be joining anyway once they hear about it so why shouldn't you be the one who introduces them.
  • No Inventory. The typical problems of buying inventory, selling, delivery, collections, trying to make sure it's all gone and then disposal of unused inventory are gone.
  • No Sunset. Unlike other systems, this doesn't end.
    Typical Scenario. You gear up for the big push, spend a lot of time getting volunteers, get everyone involved in the selling, convincing and begging, then send the folks out to deliver and collect and deal with the unsold or unused inventory, then pay all the bills and hope you made a profit.
    Then you are faced with doing this all over again on your next need for money.
    If it wasn't bad enough, COVID has complicated the entire process.
    FUN Way. Just introduce folks to your Web App, sit back and watch it grow weekly, and never worry about it stopping. It just keeps gong with or without your input and you get your check on a regular basis. 
  • Since you are merely introducing folks to a better way to game, those who are receptive will jump onboard. There is no pressure, no selling, interested folks will grab it and uninterested folks do nothing.
    You are not endorsing anything, just giving alternatives. The gaming folks will get it, and you better believe there are a LOT of them.
  • Viral Growth. When your folks start to have some fun after getting involved, they will invite their friends as well and your stake just keeps growing.
    The beauty is this growth happens on it's own, without your involvement because the message is so compelling. Once the growth starts you can't stop it. 
    There is a Multiplier Effect here unlike anything you have ever done. When the income starts to come in it will be from not only your sphere in influence, but that of your folks as well! You will soon be earning off the efforts of folks in the next town, the next state, and soon even the next Country.  
  • Maintenance Free. We handle all the details. We'll create your own dedicated Mobile App that does all the work. It will explain everything and handle your folks getting involved. It will even handle all the commissions generated by your dedicated system. 
    Literature. We'll also create your own custom literature directing folks to your Mobile App. You merely print and distribute in the manner you feel appropriate, or just send folks to your Mobile App.    
    Links. The links from your Mobile App will be exclusive to your system so there will never be any concerns about receiving credit for activity.
    Totally Autonomous. There is no need for you to have any personnel involved in this, unless you prefer. Even questions about the system will be directed to us.
    A.I. Technology. It's designed to operate totally on it's own, taking care of everything and handling everything. We monitor the system and issue you reports as to the progress.
    Support. Some of the folks introduced will want to become more active and promote. When that happens we work with them, covering all their needs yet you still get paid. You don't need to be involved as we have you covered. If you do get any questions just refer them to us.
  • How do you Promote? We'll create a Smarter App that will do all the work. We'll even include your logo if you approve but that's up to you.
    Requests for information or questions will come to us, you don't need to have anyone manning the system or taking time away from their regular duties.
    An example for Lincoln School will be This way all activity from Lincoln is tracked and attached to them, no matter how big it gets. 
  • Payments. Once this is rocking and rolling, we will set up how you want to be paid, at your direction.
    Payments will happen according to the standard terms in effect and be automatic.
  • Is Online Gaming Legal? Yes, in all 50 states. However, there are 5 states where earning cash or prizes on “Games of Skill” is forbidden by state law, which also includes earning commissions for building an organization. Those states are Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana and Tennessee. People in those 5 states will still be able to access and use the platform but for FREE PLAY ONLY. 
  • The folks in your organization who are or could be interested in this sort of thing will be getting in anyway and they will hear about it relatively soon because it's so HOT.
    Why not have them hear about it from you?
    Why not give them the chance to support your mission and have fun while doing it?

If you think this is merely a Flash in the Pan, understand who is either already involved or shortly will be.

MLB - NFL - NBA - PGA Tour - Numerous Celebrities

Even Several Major Universities have expressed interest.

Not only do organizations have the ability to let folks play Live Games AT their event, whether they are at the event or not, they get to control the game, who can play, the rewards, etc. 

Think about Call of Duty, a Very Popular Game. Do you think those owners would be interested in not only letting folks play at the normal subscription price, but give the owners the capability to Monetize all those players with an additional income stream?  They Are.

That is why so many influential people are already involved. Folks like Beyonce and Floyd Mayweather realize they can monetize their social following with something folks simply Enjoy, and enjoy so much they in turn tell their friends...viral growth.