Here's a Thought

What if you could GIVE something to the business community rather than always Asking Them for something?

They have enough organizations coming at them asking for money, what if you were different?

What if instead you showed them a way to increase their bottom line with products that they actually WANT?

Watch This

Your PocketBillboard™ will keep your folks In the Loop.

It's a part of appSAVE®

When businesses see you using it, they will want to know how they can get one for their business.

What is it?

Your PocketBillboard™ is a system to keep all your folks plugged in, all the time, just by them approaching your facility, and it runs with A.I. Technology on Auto-Pilot.

Check it out.

Get Free PocketBillboard for you and Free UtahSAVE™ and GooMAPS® for your businesses.
(The businesses really get a lot. See

You do nothing, any sharp business will see the value and want to know more. The Smart Phone was changing the world anyway, COVID just accelerated the timeline. "Touchless" is now the buzzword.  We have a series of Free Tools to help in these trying times.
For a brief idea of the power, Watch This.

Contact us for your Free Listings.

GeoFencing is becoming popular and our Exclusive User Control features put us Way Ahead of the curve.
So What is a GeoFENCE?
Make it a menu, new hours, whatever you need, your message is delivered to their smart phone when they get close.
We use Push Notifications.

A business will simply go to a special website we ahve made for you to be directed to the answers to all their questions. You don't do anything, you don't even take any calls or answer questions. Just refer everyone to us.

So What all will your business see?
First, they need to see just why this is a good system so they see AppSAVE®.
Next, Why UtahSAVE™ is right for them.
Third, why GooMAPS® is also right for them.
Also, why GooTOUR™ is currently so hot and what it can do for their business. (When we open this up to businesses, MANY will be onboard and we will give you a % of what they pay us here as well.)
Some of them just might be in trouble because of COVID. If so, they need to see

Any sharp business owner will see the potential of this technology in their business. Even C/NET calls it "The Next Big Thing."
When they experience your PocketBillboard™ they will naturally become curious. When you are contacted you just send them to your customized website and we take over.
We keep track of the businesses and when any free trials are complete, we give you 10% of everything they spend with us for as long as they are with us.
Here is an Example.

It would be a good idea to let folks know abut your PocketBillboard™ so they can get your notifications and announcements. We have some literature, complete with links and QR Codes, and we'll also have a special website for you and when they download, they will also see why this will work for them and the sharp business owners usually contact us. 
You don't need to push the program in any way. Just let folks know about it and the rest will take care of itself. We are able to do this because of our Excellent Supporters.

Contact Dr. Rick Mayer directly. He will then get back to you with all the details.
FYI: Here is a program we are already doing through several Chambers of Commerce.

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Buy US Based
Find the Best Deals that are Close, NOW, on Auto-Pilot.

It's time to band together and support our local business, shop more conveniently AND Save Money at the same time.

Lets all Buy Local.
As more businesses use this FREE SYSTEM, your shopping experience will get better and better. If your local business doesn't yet have it, why not tell them about it? It WILL help their business while enhancing your shopping experience.