At the Very Core of Every Worthy Cause is the issue of Money.

The CRITICAL Question always asked is,
"How are we going to fund this thing?"

When all is said and done, if there is no money there is No Mission.

Why can't Fundraising be Fun?
How do we remove the d?

It's time for Something Different and Exciting.

  • It's time to bring Fundraising into the 21st Century where you don't have to keep begging or selling.
  • Time to expand your horizons.
  • Time to have a system that works on Auto-Pilot.
  • Time to offer something with MASSIVE Appeal.
  • Time to remove ALL the barriers.
  • Time for Funraising.

First, you get something for FREE...

Keep everyone in the loop just by them being near your facility.
Welcome to the world of Proximity Marketing and Touchless Connect.
You get a FREE system and there will never be a charge to you.


So, let's consider what happens when your folks start using it.

  • Business Owners. Some of your folks are business owners and after everything that has happened in the past year, if they are still around they are pretty sharp.  
  • They will see the system and recognize what it can do for them, they will simply get it.
    Go to the "Businesses" link to see what can happen next.

Business owners have been hit hard because of COVID.

How cool would it be to GIVE them something rather than always Asking for something?